How to become mentally strong

April 25th, 2020 Posted by Eesmärgid 0 thoughts on “How to become mentally strong”

If you want to become physically strong, you go to the gym and lift weights. But you also have to give up bad habits like eating junk food.

Mental strength is the same. If you want to be mentally strong, you need to practice gratitude, mindfulness etc. And you have to give up bad mental habits like resenting somebody else’s success, believing that you have no control over your life etc.

We have a choice in every moment. We can choose to take the victim’s role and lose our power. Or we can choose to be the master of our own life, design our own life.

Imagine that your words, thoughts and deeds are like colours on your life canvas. What kind of colours do you want to see in your life painting? What kind picture do you want to create?

Inspired by Amy Morin’s TED talk and other great ideas:


What do you practice every day?

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