Are you in tune?

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I believe the same is true about any role we have in life – as a parent, spouse, friend, colleague, leader etc. When we are not in tune or ‘in good order’, we can easily get trapped in conflicts, fights, competition, gossip, power games and other dynamics that prevent us from playing music well. When we are ‘in tune’, our music can empower, inspire to dance and support listeners in times of difficulty or invite them to just enjoy the flow of music together with us.

To be in tune, we should regularly take a break from our everyday activities. One possibility for individuals and teams to take a break is to go to supervision or coaching, where they can slow down to take care of themselves and find ways to play their music in a way that would have a meaningful impact on listeners. Here’s a short blog post about Japanese ‘Ma’ meaning ‘pause’, ‘gap’, ‘space’.

People working with other people – coaches, teachers, psychologists, leaders etc – not only could but are obliged to take good care of themselves, because their music can have a strong influence on many people’s lives. That’s why they should regularly attend supervision. I spoke about supervision at Coaching Conference 2021. You can read about my presentation here.

The quote in Estonian:

‘Helilooja on üks instrument. Ja et see pill kõlaks, peab see korras olema. Sellest tuleb alustada, mitte muusikast. Muusika abil võib ta nagu kontrollida, kas tema kui instrument on hääles. Ja mis hääles. U-duur on ka hääl.’ Arvo Pärt

Tartu Ülikooli loengusarjas „Sõna ja muusika: seminarid Arvo Pärdi loomingust” 2014

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