Virtual class at Salme Põhikool

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This week I delivered a virtual class to students of Salme Põhikool (middle school) in Saaremaa. It was part of the initiative Back to School (Tagasi Kooli), which aims to teach students life skills such as communication, entrepreneurship, health, digital skills etc.

I delivered a class to 5th grade students. We focused on positive psychology and mainly on the following topics:

  1. appreciation – how to appreciate and believe in oneself more (be kind to oneself and believe in oneself);
  2. character strenghts – what each student is good at, what are his/her special skills and qualities;
  3. noticing the positive – as we tend to notice negative things more often than positive things, we played a game of positive emotions which I will describe below.

Noticing positive emotions

I had prepared a wheel of positive emotions for the students. Each student could spin the wheel and then share with others when and where (s)he had felt the positive emotion during the past week.


You can easily create your own wheel here.


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