A heart-warming chat with Jaan Tootsen (in Estonian)

December 1st, 2022 Posted by Coaching, emotsioonid, happiness, heaolu, juhtimine, õnn, positiivne psühholoogia 0 thoughts on “A heart-warming chat with Jaan Tootsen (in Estonian)”

Jaan Tootsen can create a safe space for reflection and self-discovery. All our ISCI members had an opportunity to have a chat Jaan.

We spoke in our heart-warming chat with Jaan Tootsen about:

  • being good and happy
  • parents and children
  • teams and conflicts
  • leadership and values
  • using one’s potential – from the perspective of the body’s and a team
  • three brains (although I was so in love with the heart that I kept calling them all hearts :-))
  • a culture of blaming and learning
  • ethics
  • and many other things that are important to me.
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