Ott Tänak about mindset, mistakes and vulnerability

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Ott Tänak (born 1987), World Rally Champion 2019, shares his story in ‘Ott Tänak: the Movie’. Among other things the movie made me think about mindset and the quality of being coachable. Sometimes our mindset cannot develop as fast as our technical skills, especially if we don’t have a growth mindset. A person with I-know-it-all (instead of I-want-to-know-it-all) mindset may not be coachable. However, even the most successful champions, executives … actually anyone can benefit from coaching and supervision, but that requires a growth mindset and some humility.

In the movie, Ott Tänak shares how his mindset cost him his career at one point in his life:

‘My development was fast, but in my head … I couldn’t mentally develop that fast. I was the same boy who I had been in 2010, but in 2012 I was racing with world-class rally drivers, yet I wasn’t ready for that. Finally, the mistakes were very simple, but cost a lot and eventually cost me my career at that time.’

Another thing that the movie made me think about is the beauty of fragility and vulnerability. Sometimes our hearts are broken. It takes courage to be fragile and vulnerable and it hurts. Yet, it also connects people. ‘When I see how much pain I actually cause to my loved ones, this is the only breaking point for me,’ said Ott Tänak. And pain helps us grow.  We grow as parents, children, colleagues and friends … as human beings.

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