Syncronicity – meaningful coincidence

June 20th, 2020 Posted by Eesmärgid 0 thoughts on “Syncronicity – meaningful coincidence”

It’s not the first time when the Universe surprises me with a gift. An incident of syncronicity convinced me again that instead of planning everything in detail, we can just dream of a beautiful garden, prepare the soil and trust that the Universe, who knows more ways than us, helps us create one by sharing its endless resources with us.

After 2.5 year of study, a group of professional coaches and supervisors graduated from International Supervision and Coaching Institute (ISCI). I’m a partner and programme facilitator at ISCI and this year my students gave me a rhododendron as a present for graduation. I was speechless because just a few days before I had prepared the soil in my garden for a new rhododendron, which I had planned to buy. No one new about my plan. Except for the Universe 😉

It is syncronocity – a meaningful coincidense, as Carl Jung would call it?

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