Systemic coaching and constellations

April 25th, 2020 Posted by Eesmärgid 0 thoughts on “Systemic coaching and constellations”

Years ago with John Whittington, a great human being and expert in systemic coaching and constellations.

Belonging in systems creates loyalties and understanding loyalties is central to this way of working with coaching clients. The hidden loyalties in systems are often a source of resistance and, once brought into the light, the key to lasting resolutions and freedom’

‘To whom are you being loyal when you behave like that/react like that?’

‘To whom would you be disloyal if you chose to behave differently?’

‘Personal and professional growth and development require us to become ‘guilty‘ in relation to the various systems in which we have belonged.’

Excerpts from ‘Systemic Coaching and Constellations’ by John Whittington

I didn’t know back then that in 2021 we will be both talking about coaching at the coaching conference PÖÖRDEPUNKT.


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