Great, Mentor Sandra Vabarna!

June 30th, 2019 Posted by EesmĂ€rgid 0 thoughts on “Great, Mentor Sandra Vabarna!”

Sandra Vabarna, a member of famous Estonian folk rock band Trad.Attack, is going to deliver free mentoring to one bagpiper and one band over a one-year period, helping them reach their goals. đŸ† It requires a lot of time, energy and work from all stakeholders.

Having both experienced and delivered mentoring, coaching and supervision for more than a decade, I can say with full confidence that all the three disciplines can be a life-changing experience for all stakeholders. Mentoring, coaching and supervision all support the growth of the client, but are equally enriching for the mentor/coach/supervisor and benefit society as a whole. 

I wish Trad.Attack good luck with their master plan – to play in every country in the world. đŸŽŒ

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